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Deciding to pursue post-secondary education in music is a daunting task. Not only must students in today’s world choose amongst hundreds of possible places to study, but also a near infinite number of career paths – some of which don’t even exist yet! This causes significant anxiety for students and parents alike, but now there’s a new book to help with the whole process. Today on the program I’m joined by Annie Bozzler, Dr. Don Green, and Kathy Tesar who are the authors of College Prep for musicians: a guide for students, parents, teachers, and counsellors.

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Sean Perrin

Sean Perrin is the founder of and the host of the Clarineat Podcast. He is also an active performer, recording artist, and music educator currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sean has performed as a substitute clarinetist with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, The Red Deer Symphony, The Bow Valley Chorus, and many other local ensembles. As a teacher he has worked as a clinician for The Banff Centre, The University of Calgary, The Mount Royal Conservatory. For further information, including how to get in touch with Sean, please click here.


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