Episode 35 – International Podcast Day Special: Let’s (Literally) Take This Show on the Road!

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It seems like we have a day for everything these days, and it sometimes makes me wonder when we’ll run out of days and things to celebrate or recognize.

Regardless, September 30th is international podcast day, and it’s one I couldn’t miss.

International Podcast Day

international podcast day

The hosts of International Podcast Day suggested doing something fun, unique, and interesting to promote and spread the word about the world of podcasting. Ideas included talking about your favorite shows, sharing behind the scenes info, recording in a unique way, and more. I took the challenge to heart and came up with this:

My Idea

I decided to not only speak about some of my favorite other podcasts to help spread the word, but also to record a completely live episode in my car while driving to a music workshop!

Crazy? Perhaps. But I thought it was a fitting location to speak about podcasting because the driver’s seat of my 2014 Mazda 3 is where my passion for podcasting began, and where the idea for the Clarineat podcast was born!

Just for fun, here’s a picture of my car!


So join me on a commute to work for some conversation about five of my favorite podcasts, and I hope you enjoy this quirky episode! I plan on doing a volume 2 where I speak about some other shows I enjoy, but we’ll give this a try first and see how it goes.

I hope you enjoy this special episode of the Clarineat podcast, and I’d love it if you would leave a comment with YOUR favorite podcasts below.

Oh, and of course you can check out International Podcast Day at www.internationalpodcastday.com!

Errata: Please note that at the end of the conversation I for some reason said Ed Joffe where I meant to say Joel JAFFE. Sorry about this, and I feel bad about this error but there’s no way to go back and fix anything in this episode! Please excuse this mistake.

Clarinet Related

Clarinet Corner with Timothy Philips


Clarinet corner is a weekly show on Troy Public Radio that features clarinet music of all kinds, and sometimes there are interviews with prominent artists. Currently available discussions (at the time of writing) include Doreen Ketchens, and Nathan Brandwein.

Timothy is a fantastic host who engages intellectually with guests in a way that only a fellow clarinetist can, and the show format is unique in the way that it features full-length tracks intertwined with the conversation.

Although the show is unfortunately not available on iTunes, (which almost excluded it from our podcast day celebration!) you can find a few past episodes on SoundCloud which is technically still a podcast medium. The radio version airs on Tuesdays at 8:30pm Central Time on Troy Public Radio, WTSU, 89.9 FM.

JoffeWoodwinds with Ed Joffe

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.45.02 AMEd Joffe is a master multi-instrumentalist who has decades of real-world experience, authored a thorough book on the history, practice, and performance of woodwind doubling, and is also a master teacher.

For some time now, he has had a popular YouTube video series where he discusses all things woodwinds with some incredible people in the industry, including Larry Guy and Lawrence Feldman, and other episodes feature round table discussions with groups of musicians.

I’m pleased to say that episodes of the video podcast series are now being released in audio-only format for more convenient consumption. The show can be found only on Ed’s website for now but I’m told it should be making its way to iTunes in the near future! Let’s hope it does! There is some absolute gold here that deserves to reach the widest audience possible.

Crossing the Break with Tamarie Sayger


Crossing the Break is a new show designed to help “embrace the challenge of teaching the clarinet.” At this stage it seems mostly designed to help band teachers, most of whom only have a remedial knowledge of clarinet, improve their students’ abilities while at the same time boosting their confidence as clarinet teachers along the way. A noble goal indeed.

Even if you’re well beyond the basic lessons being taught in the series, I believe all clarinetists can benefit from giving a few episodes a listen, if only to get a sneak peek into another teacher’s methodology. It’s obvious that Tamarie displays patience, discipline, and passion in her classroom and whether you choose to implement these concepts or not, it’s impossible to argue with that!

General Music

A Musical Life with Hugh Sung

Hugh Sung

A musical life is a podcast that features “Stories about making music and whatever moves our souls.” Hugh’s show is designed to be all-encompassing and features guests from the music realm with no boundaries.

Musicians from all walks of life and styles are welcome, but fortunately for us listeners, guests have trended towards the notable and famous, rather than the obscure, including cellist YoYo Ma, Clarinetist Anthony McGill of the New York Philharmonic, and more!

Hugh is an engaging, friendly host and the podcast features musical examples sprinkled throughout at exactly the right moment, which is always a treat and helps put things into context.

The show has proven to be incredibly popular, which has been proven by the fact that it attracted more than a quarter million downloads in the first 6 months alone.

Timepoint Ensemble Podcast

TimePoint Ensemble Sean Perrin

Join members of Calgary’s newest new music ensemble for round-table conversation that, although sometimes edgy and profane, but always interesting and entertaining. According to their website they “discuss 21st century culture through the lens of music.” Sounds about right to me. Though the lens is a bit foggy and has trouble focusing at times.

But that’s all part of the fun, right? It is for me, anyways, and it’s what makes the TimePoint Ensemble a welcome addition to my normal listening routine.

Lighthearted discussion topics really include almost anything, but range from music and composers to TV, current events, and more. It’s like sitting around chatting with your music friends completely unfiltered. I might be biased because these folks are my friends, but I think there’s something here for all.*

*”All” means everyone but kids. This show is NOT suitable for minors.

Which microphone do you use for portable recording?


The giveaway for this episode is the countless hours of free content below in these podcasts! Listen, subscribe, and enjoy!


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