49 – Clark W. Fobes on his World-Renown Products


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On this episode of the podcast, Clark W. Fobes discusses his professional playing and doubling career (including what it’s like to play on movie soundtracks), and his world-renown line of mouthpieces, barrels, and bells. We go into great detail about the art of his craft, and Clark even shares some information about some exciting upcoming products.

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Discussion Topics

  • Why Clark loves San Francisco
  • What it’s like to perform on movie soundtracks
  • How did he get into mouthpiece making?
  • What kinds of adjustments affect a mouthpiece
  • Clark’s student, intermediate, and professional mouthpiece lines
  • The new 10K Mouthpiece Series
  • Clark’s barrels came to be
  • The new rubber-lined barrel
  • Discussion about cracking
  • The E-flat and C clarinet extensions
  • Will B-flat extensions become available?
  • The upcoming Clark W. Fobes bell
  • American Mouthpiece Makers
  • Minor Correction: Clark actually met Zinner in 2001, not 1991.


About Clark W. Fobes

Clark W Fobes received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from C.S.U., Fresno in 1976 and his Masters of Music Degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 1983.

Mr. Fobes has had a very active career as a clarinetist in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1981 performing regularly with the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, and the California Symphony.

An accomplished clarinet doubler, Mr. Fobes has often been called upon to play bass clarinet, contra bass clarinet, basset horn and Eb soprano clarinet. He plays the bass clarinet/contra bass clarinet chair with the Skywalker Ranch Orchestra and can be heard on numerous movie soundtracks.

Clark W Fobes is recognized as one of the premier makers of clarinet mouthpieces and barrels for the clarinet. His  products are used by musicians all over the world.


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2 replies on “49 – Clark W. Fobes on his World-Renown Products

  • Ken Jarczyk

    Love the Clark Fobes interview! One correction, Clark mentioned that I am a fan, and own almost all his models of clarinet mouthpieces! That is not true. There are 3 models I don’t have, but there are several models that I own 2 to 3 spares! I was surprised to hear the influence of my Facebook post/photo of his 10K Blue 2L!

    • Sean Perrin

      Haha, you are a true fan! You’ll have to fill those gaps in your collection ASAP!

      I also have the blue 10K now and it is not only gorgeous, but wonderful to play on. Thanks for listening.


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