56 – Product: Uebel Clarinets, ESM Mouthpieces

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In this episode of the podcast I discuss Uebel clarinets and ESM mouthpieces with Victoria and Andreas Moe of Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution, and Maryanne Lacaille (Episode 55), who is an Uebel and ESM artist. You’ll learn about the differences between Uebel models, how the clarinets are made, and what makes the ESM “Heaven” mouthpiece so unique and special.

This episode was recorded on location Seattle, WA with Maryanne Lacaille, and we were joined on Skype by Andreas and Victoria. I would like to thank Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution for making the studio interview possible.

See and Hear the ESM “Heaven” Mouthpiece

Discussion Topics

  • History of Uebel Clarinets
  • What makes a good piece of wood for a clarinet?
  • The drying process for Uebel Clarinets
  • Some of the differences between Uebel clarinet models
  • Maryanne Lacaille’s thoughts on the Uebel clarinets
  • Are all Uebel clarinets large bore?
  • Accessorizing Uebel clarinets
  • Why the short barrel?
  • The ESM Heaven mouthpiece
  • Maryanne Lacaille’s thoughts on the ESM Blue Heaven mouthpiece


About Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe is a German-trained instrument maker, with decades of experience.

He was active as a musician from the age of 16 when he joined a Live-Band covering top-10 songs in halls with 1000 and more visitors. He later shifted his focus primarily to baroque music and became the lead trumpet of a baroque-ensemble and performed in symphony and radio orchestras, as well as solo concerts.

While he was already working on instruments during this time, it wasn’t until later that he officially opened his own workshop and focused on restoration work on historical instruments and pro setups. He continued to build his reputation in Germany and began to be very requested by players all over the country.

In 2010 he relocated to the US, where he reopened his workshop and eventually merged with a music store, which he came to co-own and operate. He and his wife expanded the store to a small chain of full service music stores in Georgia and South Carolina.
Over the course of three decades, he gathered knowledge and experience that have made him a trusted source for high end work on professional instruments both in the US and overseas and his expertise and experience has greatly influenced the selection of brands Moe-Bleichner has taken on board.

About Victoria Moe

Victoria Moe is the CEO and owner of Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution.

She holds an MBA from LMU (Munich) with an emphasis on Industrial Design and Marketing and is a certified German instrument maker. After having co-owned an instrument workshop specializing in the restoration of historic woodwind and brass instruments outside of Munich, Germany for 7 years, she relocated to the US, where she became co-owner and CEO of a music store, which she and her husband expanded to a small chain of full service music stores in Georgia and South Carolina.

While she moved away from working on restorations herself, her passion for quality materials and great sound remained and continued to influence her.
When she started Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution to distribute European instruments in the US, her strong background in music and business were essential in the selection of brands and uniquely qualified her to tackle all challenges that come with introducing new or unknown products to the US market.



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5 replies on “56 – Product: Uebel Clarinets, ESM Mouthpieces

  • Professor Anton Weinberg

    for many years i played one of the very old Uebel pairs of clarinets ( 1960’s-1970) and was very pleased when the new design Uebel models came onto the market: they are really superb. The ESM mouthpieces I found very consistent, but a little bright in sound and i used to lower the tone chamber by hand. Shame that ESM never wanted to bring out a deeper tone chamber model. The main problem was trying to convince other clarinetists that a Plastic mouthpiece could be so good.

    • Sean Perrin

      Thank you for your thoughts professor Weinberg. I have been trying the Uebel Classic clarinet extensively and have to say I am very impressed with this instrument. I would like to try the ESM mouthpieces but did not have an opportunity outside of ClarinetFest where, as you know, it can be very loud and difficult to ascertain the subtleties of the equipment.


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