57 – Debate: Best Books, Air Stream Concept, Clarinet Materials

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In this episode of the podcast, I debate four topics with co-host Andrew Morrow. The topics discussed in this episode are:

  1. “What book should every clarinetist read?”
  2. “What is your concept of the clarinet’s air stream? Is it cold and fast, or warm and slow, and why?”
  3. “Which clarinet material do you prefer and why?”
  4. “What is the best type of ligature material?”

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Topic 1:

What is a book that every clarinetist should read?

Topic 2:

What is your concept of the air stream? Hot or cold, and why?

  • Is it really possible for us to have hot or cold air considering that body temperature remains constant?
  • Are we in fact discussing the wrong thing all together?
  • Does this even matter?

Topic 3:

Which clarinet material do you prefer? Why or why not?

Topic 4:

Which clarinet ligature or ligature material do you prefer and why?


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