Episode 65 – Highlights from ClarinetFest 2017

In this episode of the Clarineat podcast I discuss my experiences from ClarinetFest 2017. You’ll learn about some of the amazing performances, presentations, and products, and also some thoughts from Clarineat Listeners. Make sure to listen all the way to the end to find out who won a brand new Vientos Bambu ligature!

Thank you especially to D’Addario Woowinds, Backun Musical Services, Patreon backers and everyone else who helped make this trip possible!

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Vendor Area Video

Discussion Topics

  • Generous Hurricane Irma Relief via Moe-Bleichner’s products
  • Travel experience and tips
  • The wonderful event venue (but not so great for concerts)
  • Performances Highlights:
    • Stanley Drucker
    • Richard Stolzman
    • Eddie Daniels (and his dancing grandson!), and More
  • Favourite Presentations
    • Ed Joffe on woodwind doubling
    • Mattias Mueller on the SABRE
  • Vendor Area
    • Favorite products
  • What could be improved next year?
  • Listener thoughts from:
    • Eric Salazar
    • Dylan Scroggins
    • Kristen Denny Chambers
    • Catina Franklin Sweedy
  • Winner of the Vientos Bambu ligature

Patreon Backers Only

  • Tips to traveling to ClarinetFest on a budget


* 20% of the gross sales of these products will go towards those affected by Hurricane Irma until the end of September, 2017.


Clarineat Podcast Production Team:

Theme music for the Clarineat Podcast is performed by Tom Puwalski (Episodes 1-49), and Michael Lowenstern (episodes 50 to present).

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