97 – Giveaway and Housekeeping!

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Get a chance to win one of 10 D’Daddario Reserve Sampler Packs and a Clarineat T-Shirt in any size and style that you like (value $59 USD). Also in this episode a Book Club update, Episode 100 call to action, and a message about the new upgraded Patreon Edition of the show.

Discussion Topics:

Giveaways are Back! 
  • 10 Clarinet Listeners will receive a D’Addario Reeds Sampler Pack and a Clarineat T-Shirt!
  • To enter, visit: www.clarineat.com/giveaways
Clarineat Book Club: 
  • Upcoming Book: The Rest is Noise by Alex Ross
  • Clarineat Listener, Kevin Pearce, discusses his thoughts about the previous book (The Inner Game of Music)
  • To leave feedback about The Rest is Noise, visit: www.clarineat.com/voicemail
Episode 100: Listener Extravaganza
  • Clarineat wants to feature YOU during its 100th episode!
  • This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the Clarineat community and share how the podcast has impacted your life!
  • To participate visit: www.clarineat.com/voicemail
Upgraded Patreon Edition of Clarineat: 



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