98 – Band Orchestration 101

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Today on the podcast I’m joined by Brett Newton to discuss his two new books about Band Orchestration, which is an often overlooked topic. We discuss what orchestration is and why it’s valuable to think from a composer’s perspective, the history of the wind band and some of the instruments inside, and how you can save 10% on Brett’s new books as a Clarineat subscriber.

Discussion Topics:

  • What is orchestration?
  • Bret Newton’s approach to orchestration
  • The Development of wind band and orchestra
  • History of the wind band
  • Adolf Sax
  • History of the saxophone (French Wind Band)
  • The Saxophone’s similarities between bassoon and oboe
  • Writing for orchestra vs. wind band
  • Writing wind band music for educational purposes
  • A thirst for new works for wind band
  • Florent Schmitt’s Dionysiaques (1913)
  • Think about the ensemble before playing 
  • Orchestral Transcriptions
  • “If you can’t do it as good as the original composer, do it completely differently.”
  • Writing for different textures, a foundation for orchestration



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