99 – Practicing Smarter with Modacity


Patrons' Edition


Learn about a new app called Modacity that lets you take your practicing to the next level on your smartphone. We discuss some of its features and benefits, where music seems to be heading in the 21st century, and why it’s wise to take the business elements of music seriously. Clarineat listeners can save on Modacity at https://modacity.co/clarineat


Discussion Topics:

  • Background of the Modacity App
  • The era of Intelligent Music Practice (science-based practice)
  • Practicing in Flow States
  • Mindfulness and Wellness in Practice
  • “Modacity creates an environment from which quality practice and musicianship can flourish”
  • Modacity can be used
  • Why are we becoming more addicted to technology, yet musicians are still constantly improving?
  • Musical Mastery vs. Instrumental Mastery
    • “Musical mastery is having command of the spirit of music”
  • Compare yourself to who you were yesterday not to who someone else is today
  • “Musicprenureship”
    • If you’re going to be a professional musician, music is your business.
    • Redefining business as the creation of value


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