Need a new Ligature? On a Budget? Check out the Top 5 Ligatures under $50

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If you need a new ligature this post is for you! Whether you’re a band teacher on a budget, a student pinching pennies, or a frugal pro, there’s sure to be something affordable to fit your needs.

Here’s a list of Clarineat’s top 5 ligature recommendations under $50, organized by price from highest to lowest.

Need a new Ligature?


5. Bay Inverted “Baroque” Ligature (Gold) $49.95


Sneaking in right under budget with only a nickel to spare, the gold-plated Bay inverted “Baroque” Ligature is still a bargain to behold. Although these ligatures are rather delicate due to the thin metal used, this same property is what gives them an impressive tone color with near-immediate articulation. Its ornate, “baroque” appearance looks gorgeous up close and glistens from a distance, and its large, comfortable adjustment screws are a pleasure to use.

4. Vientos Bambu Hand-Woven String Ligature ($31)


Carefully crafted by hand in Argentina, the Vientos Bambu String Ligature lets you play in style with 12 gorgeous, eye-popping colors to choose from. It also includes a small ceramic stand, is incredibly durable, and is very easy to keep clean… just throw it in the wash! Even if you’re not sold on the string, the price, or the colors, having a ligature in your case that simply can’t break as a backup is just smart planning.

3. Bonade Inverted Ligature ($23)


In a world of ligatures that can easily cost well over $200 nowadays, the Bonade Inverted Ligature is a tried and true classic that maintains an incredibly modest price point. Even though mass production has arguably led to some issues with quality control according to many, others swear that it’s still the best ligature money can buy.

Tip: Try the Alto sax version! The slightly larger size accommodates many modern mouthpieces just fine, especially if you’re using thick blank reeds like the D’Addario Reserve or Vandoren V12.

2. Rovner Clarinet Ligature 1R ($21.99)



Perhaps the most divisive suggestion on this list, the Rovner Clarinet Ligature is worth trying, if only to discover where you sit in the conversation. Some players relish the wonderful, dark tone that this ligature allows, but others insist that the “dark” quality comes simply from a loss of higher overtones, and the material and concept leads to stuffy articulation. Either way, for $20 you can’t go wrong trying it out, and it’s a great way to change up your tonal palette, even if you’re not a fan.

1. Bois Ring Ligature ($19.95)


Sometimes less is more, and the Bois Standard ring ligature is just that. Incredibly simple and easy to use and install with unparalleled durability. It produces a bright, full tone with blowing ease and is an ideal choice for those on a budget. If you’re a school teacher who is tired of replacing broken screws and crushed ligatures, pick up a dozen of these virtually indestructible rings and watch your problems vanish.

If you like this concept, but want something a bit more stylish and darker sounding, try the Bois “Excellente” series. You’ll still stay well under budget at just $31 apiece.

What do you think of this list? Would you make any changes? Do you have a different suggestion? Have a question? Please share your thoughts below in the comments!

PS: This was part 2 in a series where I’m trying to make creative, practical use of hilarious Adobe Stock Photos.


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