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  • Review: BEHN “Epic” Mouthpieces

    BEHN mouthpieces come in many versions for an extremely diverse range of players. Everyone from a beginning student to a world-class professional will find something available to them, but expect a price tag to match. For a top of the line BEHN product, you should expect to pay close to $800 USD, but after your […]

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  • Paez Music Wooden Reed Case

    Paez Music reed cases feature hand-crafted wooden exteriors, custom laser engraving options, magnet closure systems, storage for between three and ten reeds, and humidification options for their newest model (the Apertur HC). I reviewed the Premium reed case, which is their largest model. It features a sliding tray design, storage for 10 B-flat clarinet reeds, and […]

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  • 3 Must-Read Books for Musical Success

    Sorry, but music careers are’t made in the practice room. You have to network, get gigs, win auditions, manage your finances, and more. These three books, all by past Clarineat Podcast guests, will help you reach your career goals. “Winning the Audition” by Jason Heath Jason Heath is a great bass player, but he’s famous […]

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  • Reed Booster by Bravo Reeds

    As our reeds get more and more plays, they soften. If one does not move on to a less-dead reed and continues to play on a very soft reed with no back pressure left, they will probably find the reed will 1) feel very differently from how it did in the beginning of its life, […]

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  • Wesley Rice Delrin, Wood and “Industrial” Barrels

    Clarinet barrels have become one of the most popular ways to personalize the response, tone, and tuning of a clarinet. The idea is by no means new, but as with so many things nowadays, we are completely spoiled by both the amount of selection readily available, and the quality of the craftsmanship. Wesley Rice Clarinet Works may not […]

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  • Aurus Diaphragm Trainer

    Introduction The Aurus Diaphragm Trainer (ADT) is a new device that promises to help one develop a better and more robust air stream. In the past, I have tried another type of air training device which requires you to blow into a plastic tube with very little resistance. The air lifts a ping pong ball inside a purple cylinder and the challenge […]

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  • Review: D’Addario Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case

    Introduction To be honest, I often get lazy and just carry reeds with me in the boxes that they come in. However, this is not usually conducive to keeping my reeds in good shape and well organized. Whenever I have important performances or auditions coming up, though, I am very conscious and meticulous about staying on […]

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  • Royal Classical Clarinet

    Royal USA Clarinets have been produced for international markets for about 5 years, and are designed by Boston clarinetist Yuan Gao. A collaboration with Lisa Canning (of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop) is allowing them to enter the US market for the first time, where they are already being used by students and professionals alike, including the world-renown Jonathan […]

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  • The $4 Bravo Synthetic Reed

    The synthetic reed market is expanding each year as more and more players around the world accept the new technology as a serious alternative to cane. With high quality offerings now available from Legere, Forestone, and Fibracell, modern woodwinds players have more options today than ever before. Each brand of synthetic reed offers the consumer something slightly different in […]

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  • Backun Alpha and Beta Clarinets

    Canada’s own Backun Musical Services  is the Lamborghini of the Clarinet world. Their instruments are so iconic that even an untrained eye can recognize them instantly from the back row of the largest concert halls. Their uniquely flared bells and fat “MoBa” barrels make a bold statement on their own, but when coupled with the warm glow […]

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  • vientos bambu reed case Vientos Bambú Wooden Reed Case

    Argentina’s Vientos Bambú has set out to turn the everyday, commonplace reed case into a hand-made, cherished work of art. With gorgeous color choices, multiple sizes, a unique magnetic closure system, and a surprisingly enticing price-point, these cases are sure to be a hit among students and professionals alike. But is it too good to […]

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  • Légère European Signature Synthetic Reeds

    Reeds can be one of the most challenging parts of mastering a woodwind instrument. Just when you think you’ve got everything under control the tiniest change can cause a huge difference in the response and sound. Reed players have become accustomed to this, but what if there was an alternative to adjusting reeds? What if […]

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