Sean Perrin Interview on Composer on Fire Podcast

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Composer on Fire is a weekly podcast hosted by Garrett Hope designed to help composers master the art of the music business. Sometimes Garrett likes to reach out into the community of performers to gain  insights into others aspects of music to help his listeners understand the industry more fully.

Past guests on the show have included composers such as Brian Balmages, Michael Torke, and Steven Bryant, and topics of discussion range from developing your online presence to getting commissions. Even if you’re not a composer, there’s lots to learn and with over 70 episodes now Composer on Fire is sure to have you engaged in great conversation about music for many hours!

I was invited to be the featured guest on Episode 70 of the Composer on Fire podcast. Garrett and I speak about working with performers, adding value as a living composer, pet peeves, my new album “Dreamsongs” and more!

Topics Discussed:

  • Podcasting to solve a problem
  • Lori Freedman
  • The 52 week job project
  • The appearance of competition
  • Grant writing
  • Offering something to the grant
  • Not being focused on yourself
  • Difficulty of networking with composers
  • Composers as a different class of musician
  • Pet peeves of composer behaviors
  • Adding value as a composer
  • Frank Ticheli
  • Writing program notes
  • Terminology

Listen now! iTunes | Composer on Fire Website

I hope you enjoy the interview! It was blast speaking with Garrett and I think that his show is providing great content for the composer and musical community as a whole.

Thanks for listening and happy playing!

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Sean Perrin
Host and Founder
Clarineat Podcast

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