Live: ClarinetFest 2016 and Improv Session with with Eric Salazar

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If you’ve never been to a ClarinetFest, or even if you were there and want to re-live the moment I hope that you enjoy the following video.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. This was Clarineat’s first live broadcast and it won’t be the last. It was absolutely so much fun!

I had an absolutely blast at ClarinetFest 2016. I attended some wonderful concerts, tried some great equipment, and, most importantly, got to see some great friends and colleagues met some fantastic new ones.

Sean Perrin Eric Salazar at ClarinetFest 2016

Although I didn’t have time to conduct interviews on site as originally thought, I am pleased to say that based on the connections and conversations I had there are now over a dozen amazing guests in the queue!

Keep an ear out on the podcast for upcoming episodes with Michael Lowenstern, Uebel Clarinets, 3D Clarinet Innovations (round 2!), Wesley Rice, Clark Fobes, Bradford Behn, and many others!

On the last day I got together with Eric Salazar who was a guest Episode 8 of the podcast. We had a chat on Facebook Live and then eric hosted a live improv session.

Discussion Topics:

  • What it’s like attending a ClarinetFest
  • The Clarinetfest “goodie” bag
  • Backun Musical Service’s new “Clarinet News” magazine
  • The SABRe bass clarinet
  • Volunteering at the Festival
  • Our favorite performances and highlights from the week
  • BuzzReed
  • Michael Lowenstern
  • Michael Lowenstern’s “Stealth” bass clarinet
  • Michael Lowenstern’s good looks, amazing personality, and attitude
  • Pictures of Michael Lowenstern
  • Next year’s Festival in Orlando, Florida
  • And more!

Live Improv Jam with Eric Salazar

After our discussion Eric hosts a live Improv jam with other festival attendees (Amie Ma and Meghan Yankowskas) who happened to be around and were brave enough to jump in! We had a great time and this was such a fantastic way to end the week.

Eric shares his methodology for teaching improvisation to beginners. This method starts with “complete chaos” and slowly integrates other elements of performance, such as key, rhythm, ostinato, and more.

Eric believes that everyone can improvise and wants to share his passion for this art with as many people as possible! You can catch Eric jamming on a fairly regular basis on his Facebook Fan Page.




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