The Clarineat Podcast Celebrates its First One Million!

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my first million

I’m very pleased to announce that Clarineat has almost reached a whopping 20 thousand downloads since its inception in January 2016.

“But wait a second,” you’re thinking, “20 thousand isn’t a million!”

Well, technically you’re right, but not so fast!

Let’s crunch some numbers and do some math (sorry!).

The Numbers

The average Clarineat episode is approximately 50 minutes long. Of course, some are longer, some shorter. But this is about right.

If we take 50 minutes and multiply this by the 20 thousand listens, this means that our listeners have now spent ONE MILLION total minutes listening to the show. (Assuming that everyone listens all the way through each episode.)

The Math

20 000 listens X 50 minutes per episode = 1 000 000 minutes!

Some Perspective on One Million

To put this massive number into perspective, consider the following:

  • If I had shared this time individually with each listener and the guest one-on-one, this would have put me (and the guests!) to work for a full 40 hours per week every single week for almost 10 years!
  • If every listen was played consecutively back to back, it would be almost 2 solid years worth of nonstop Clarineat
  • A clarinet is 60 cm long, and if you stretched out 1 million clarinets they’d stretch out over 600 kms!

Ok… so maybe that last statistic wasn’t all that relevant. But still! I’m impressed.


I have to say, I couldn’t believe this statistic when I realized it. It suddenly hit me how amazing the internet is, and how wide its reach can really be.

So far I’ve met dozens of great people in person through the show, any many more online. It’s really incredible. I look forward to meeting many more great people in the future and I’m so happy to have had the chance to work on this project with the support of the clarinet community.

Thank YOU ALL so much for taking one million minutes out of your busy schedules to listen to Clarineat! The support from the community is what has made this all possible and has been overwhelming.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for the show.

Here’s to the next million!

PS: Are you new here?

Is this your first time checking out Clarineat? Why not have a listen!

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