Bizarre Short Film Called “Clarinet” is Not Worth Watching

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clarinet film

It’s not every day that you find a short film called Clarinet, so when I saw this pop up on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) I knew I had to take a look.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I never would have even dreamed of this bizarre disaster of a film.

Clarinet was directed by DJ Summit and is described by IMDb as an “unusually moody short [film that] delves into the mind of a man who has reached his limit and shares how taking no options can be a choice.”

Clearly there was a workable idea here, since other existential films such as Waking Life, Pi, and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind have become revered cult classics. But sadly “Clarinet” just comes across as a mindless, absurd tale about a depressed guy whose beloved clarinet is stolen and is mysteriously replaced by a flute, which he can’t even play.

I really don’t recommend this film to anyone. Seriously, save yourself 6 minutes. But if you’re interested and must see it (like I was), go ahead and check it out below.

Warning: This film is unrated (probably because nobody bothered to watch it), but I will say that some viewers may find the content and imagery disturbing. This film may not be suitable to younger viewers.


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3 replies on “Bizarre Short Film Called “Clarinet” is Not Worth Watching

  • DJ Summitt

    Hi! Nice site. I played clarinet briefly but was always rubbish. Thanks for the review. Hate to hear you didn’t like the film. It was written & directed to be hyper-experimental so definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s fair.

    I did want to frame a couple things in my defense. The budget of our film was approximately $2.50 for the can of Campbell’s beef stew he pukes into the toilet. Its footage is taken from miscellaneous other films my friend & I had shot & stitched together with a narration. I think this low budget also plays a factor into why it doesn’t have an imdb rating, that and the fact that it was shot in 2004 and screened primarily at festivals in Europe and Mexico. I was able to parlay it into quite a few opportunities. It’s not a masterwork, on that we agree, but I am proud of it and it’s helped shape my career since. Given these constraints, to even be mentioned in the same piece as “Pi” and “Eternal Sunshine” is great – they are two personal favorites of mine.

    Again I do appreciate the view. Perhaps I’ll win you over with a future work. In the interim, I wish you well. Good luck!

    • Sean Perrin

      Appreciate your thoughts! I reread the review and think it’s perhaps needlessly harsh. To be fair I was trying to be facetious. I would sure hate to be judged by my work from 12 years ago, that’s for sure!

      I’m pleased that your career has progressed! What are you up to these days?

      • DJ Summitt

        No worries, I’m glad you felt strongly enough to be overly harsh. Would have been a failure on my end if your review was “I forgot it already.” I didn’t make an experimental film in anticipation of the universal appeal. Plus, you’re trying to attract readers. Big reactions help that. You push that POV.

        Anyway, I’m the creative director at a global enterprise computing company. I also do motion design – most recently the animation for the upcoming World Cup graphics.



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