How to Make a Fun New Bass Clarinet Floor Peg

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Why do bass clarinet pegs always have to be black and boring? In this video I show you how to make a new bass clarinet peg for less than a dollar per instrument. Whether you are a student or professional, you are sure to find this project fun, easy, and cheap!

What You’ll Need

  1. Bouncy Balls (see below for many options!)
  2. Cordless Drill
  3. Drill Bit Set

Warning: Be VERY careful! You can hurt yourself doing this. Proceed at your own risk and if you are a student please ask your teacher for help!

Step 1: Select Your Ball!

Select the type of bouncy ball you’d like to use. You can use a simple black one if you like, but you might as well get creative! See the following list for some fun ideas.

Tip: Whatever type you choose, you will want to verify that the ball is not too smooth or it won’t stick to the floor. Please note that while the selections in the following list look like fun, I have not personally tried each ball of course. Please keep this in mind when ordering!

Fun Ball Ideas

For my bass clarinet I chose pool balls, specifically the black 8 ball because it’s a bit fun without being an eye sore on stage. But I’ve since made others for my students and they all love them!

Indeed, there are dozens of ball types available and you can have a lot of fun, as I did, checking out all the types available on Amazon. Here is a selection of some of the best ones I’ve found. Some students will really have fun with these, and professionals too!


[table id=1 /]

Step 2: Drill a Hole

Select the proper drill bit, put the ball into a vice, and drill the hole about halfway into the ball. Be careful not to make the hole too big or else the ball will fall off. It should fit snugly on the floor peg and create a bit of suction.

Tip: You can always make the hole bigger, but you can’t make it smaller! As the saying (for carpenters) goes:  measure twice, cut once! For best results start with the smaller hole and make it bigger if you need to.

Step 3: Attach to Bass Clarinet

Attach the ball to your bass clarinet and enjoy! You can make as many different balls as you like for different occasions or students. The ball should be easily swappable if the hole is the right size, but if you want a more permanent solution try using a little adhesive.

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2 replies on “How to Make a Fun New Bass Clarinet Floor Peg

  • Bret

    Success! Mine is extra tall for playing while standing. I bought some steel rod at the hardware store. I also locked my bouncy ball in place with a little 5-minute epoxy.

  • Sean Perrin

    Thanks Bret!

    I’m not sure why, but this new theme I’m using seems to be stripping HTML and image tags from comments. I’ll have to look into this!

    The bass peg looks great I think it’s awesome that you tried this. I’ll never go back to a boring black ball again! (Well, except when I use the magic 8 ball peg!).

    I contemplated epoxying mine on too, but I like to sometimes (for example on carpet at home) not use the ball, and I like to be able to change the peg very easily.


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