Episode 22 – Vientos Bambú on the artistry and vision behind their gorgeous products

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Vientos Bambu Products

Bambú is a company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They devote themselves exclusively to the development and manufacturing of accessories for wind instruments. At the moment, their catalogue includes Hand-woven Ligatures for Saxophones and Clarinets, Microfibre Cleaning Kits and Swabs, Leather Neck Straps for Saxophones and Clarinets, Handmade Wooden Reed Cases, and  Cork Grease.



Vientos Bambu Website

Social Media:

Facebook Page

Discussion Topics:

  • Growing the local economy
  • Vientos Bambú Ligature
  • Who is the market for this product?
  • Benefits of string ligatures
  • The artistic importance of color customization
  • Tips for applying the ligature
  • Vientos Bambú Wooden Reed Case
  • Accessories as works of art in themselves
  • Taking artistic pleasure in preparing to play
  • How the wood helps keep the humidity in the box
  • Neck strap, cork grease, swab, etc.
  • Where can these products be purchased?
  • Attention to detail and quality
  • How Vientos Bambú helps Argentinians get access to affordable products
  • This week’s giveaway
  • Getting in touch

Products Mentioned:

Vientos Bambú Hand-Woven String Ligature

Vientos Bambú Handcrafted wooden Reed Cases

Vientos Bambú Neck Strap (coming soon)

Vientos Bambú Cork Grease (coming soon)



The coda is a new section of the podcast devoted to listener feedback, news, questions, or anything else that you’d like to share. Basically, I’d like to devote the tail end of the podcast to listeners! This is a chance for you to ask a question, leave some feedback, make a request, or even announce some interesting clarinet news such as a tour or CD project. If you’d like to leave something for next episode’s Coda, please send a message to feedback@clarineat.com or leave us a voicemail!

Here are the top items submitted this week, enjoy!

Eric Salazar releases Live in Chicago EP


Eric Salazar was a featured guest on Episode 8 of the podcast. We discussed the business of music, improvisation and his upcoming CD, which will be released soon. In the meantime, however, he has released a surprise teaser EP featuring live tracks from the upcoming full-length disc.

Eric performs live improvisations along with backing tracks he composed himself. The music is engaging and emotional enough to satisfy classical and jazz listeners, but at the same time lighthearted and approachable enough to be enjoyed by all.

The Live in Chicago EP is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and everywhere that serves up digital music, and keep an eye out for his new record in the coming months. Pick up a copy today and support this young and engaging artist today. I challenge you to find a better way to spend $3.99.

Kathryn Ladano featured in New Book on Improvisation


Kathryn Ladano was a featured guest on Episode 7 of the podcast. We discussed improvisation, her love of the bass clarinet, and the NUMUS festival. Kathryn recently been published in a new book called “Improvisation and Music Education.”

Her article in the book deals with improvisation and performance anxiety in musicians and is definitely worth a read. I will be picking up a physical copy of this book as soon as I can because the issue of improvisation and education is of great interest to me.

To learn more about this book, and purchase a copy, please click here.


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