Episode 14 – Patty Johnson of Etymōtic Research on hearing protection for musicians

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In this episode of the Clarineat podcast, host Sean Perrin discusses safe listening with headphones, hearing protection for musicians, and Etymotic’s amazing line of headphone and hearing protection devices with audiologist Patty Johnson. If you’re a musician of any kind this episode is a “must listen!”

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Discussed Topics:

  • The history of Etymōtic Research
  • Etymōtic’s exciting product line
  • Pioneering the in-ear headphone (earphone) product category in the 80s
  • What is the difference between passive isolation and active noise cancellation?
  • Why use isolating earphones?
  • What does an Audiologist do?
  • The Music Pro Electronic Ear Plugs
  • What is the difference between the different “tips” included?
  • Filter and ear tip maintenance
  • Prolonging your career with hearing protection
  • Types of hearing damage (tinnitus, distortion, etc.)
  • Choosing the correct type of hearing protection
  • How long do the batteries last in the Music Pros?
  • Listener questions
  • Dealing with the “occlusion effect”
  • Using custom plugs with the Music Pros
  • Getting used to playing with earplugs in
  • Adopt-a-Band Program


Etymotic Research

Adopt-a-Band Program

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