Episode 28 – ClarinetFest 2016: Experiences, Highlights, and why you need to go!

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Clarineat host Sean Perrin shares his thoughts and experiences from ClarinetFest 2016 in Lawrence, Kansas. Learn about some of the great performances and vendors, what’s it’s like to volunteer at the festival, how to plan your schedule, and why you definitely need to go next year.

ClarinetFest 2016

Discussion Topics:

  • Travel to the venue
  • Accommodations
  • Benefits of Volunteering at the festival
  • The “goodie” bag
  • Performance highlights
    • Eddie Daniels
    • Ben Lulich
    • Mattius Muller with SABre
    • David Shifrin
  • Exhibitor/Manufacturer Highlights
    • Backun Musical Services
    • Uebel Clarinets
    • Pereira 3D Clarinet Innovations
  • Why you need to go next year!
  • Live video on location (see below)
  • Were you there? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Picture Highlights

ClarinetFest Salazar

Hanging out with Eric Salazar


ClarinetFest Goodie Bag

The awesome goodie bag


ClarinetFest Murphy Hall

Murphy hall where most events took place.


ClarinetFest Piercy

Having a laugh after lunch with Thomas Piercy


ClarinetFest Fobes

Finally meeting Clark W Fobes for the first time (love his barrels!)


ClarinetFest Lowenstern and Norsworthy

At the Oread Hotel with Michael Norsworthy, Michael Lowenstern and his wonderful wife Katherine (who also is a clarinetist!)

Live on Location at ClarinetFest 2016 with Eric Salazar

Were you at the festival? Please share your experiences below! If you have any questions about the event I’d be happy to address these as well.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to seeing you in a couple days with a fantastic interview with Michael Dean of the ClarinetMike blog.


Daddario Rico H Ligature

I forgot to mention this week’s giveaway in the episode itself. Sorry about this. I’ve been fighting a cold this week and it just slipped my mind.

The giveaway for this episode will be a D’Addario H Ligature in Gold plating. To learn about how giveaways work, please click here.

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