Episode 29 – Michael Dean (aka “ClarinetMike”) Shares Playing Tips, thoughts on blogging, and more

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Today’s episode features clarinetist Michael Dean who is an accomplished performer and teacher and whom many may know as “ClarinetMike” from his work with the popular blog of the same name. His blog (which can be found at clarinetmike.wordpress.com) has been accessed in 147 countries on 6 continents.

In this episode we discuss a wide range of topics ranging from how his blog got started, his CD recordings, and numerous practice and playing tips such as his “ARTC” system and the concept of loading and unloading.

Michael Dean aka ClarinetMike


Michael Dean’s (ClarinetMike) Biography

American clarinetist and BG France Performing Artist Michael Dean performs and teaches across the USA and abroad. His performing and teaching have been praised as “dynamic,” “wonderful,” “consummate performer, “great,” “inspirational,” “outstanding teacher,” “super” and “brilliant performer.” His career is headlined by appearances at Carnegie Hall, Royal Northern College of Music, Eastman School of Music, ClarinetFest and NACWPI.

He is featured on five commercial CD’s and on New Media, such as YouTube. He is currently preparing another new CD, Postcards from Silver Lake. As “ClarinetMike,” he writes for his own widely-read ClarinetMike Blog – viewed in 147+ countries on 6 continents, clarinetmike.wordpress.com. His articles appear in journals such as Southwestern Musician, WINDPLAYER, NACWPI Journal, and Bandmasters’ Review. Dr. Michael Dean is an active clarinet performer, clinician, private teacher, and consultant based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. His professional website is clarinetmike.com.


ClarinetMike Blog

Michael Dean’s Website

ClarinetMike on Facebook

Michael Dean’s new CD “Mysteries”

Discussion Topics

  • How the ClarinetMike blog got started
  • Who is the blog for?
  • The importance of brevity
  • Mike’s upcoming performance at ClarinetFest 2016
  • New CD Project Idea “Postcards from Silver Lake”
  • 10 Clarinet Things to do on Summer Break
  • How taking breaks can increase your productivity
  • Setting practice limits and “segments”
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Finding routines that work for you
  • The importance of a good embouchure for beginners
  • Setting and achieving musical goals through technique
  • The difference between “test-takers” and apprentices
  • What makes a successful performance?
  • How to practice in a way that helps performance
  • “Loading” and “unloading” motor skills
  • The “ARTC” System
    • Approach and Attitude
    • Relaxation
    • Tone
    • Counting
  • Tonguing tips
  • Single Lip Double Lip Embouchure
  • The importance of voicing and “air position”
  • Equipment isn’t everything, but…
  • You need to play on good equipment
  • Mike’s criteria for evaluating equipment
    • 1. Response
    • 2. Tone
    • 3. Tuning
  • Advice for band teachers looking to upgrade equipment
  • Don’t be scared to reach out with questions!
  • Don’t buy a “CSO”
  • Michael’s new album “Mysteries”

People and Products Mentioned:

Robert Spring

Frank R. Wilson (neurologist)

Joe Allard

Daniel Bonade


One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of Michael’s new album “Mysteries.”

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