Episode 31 – Elena Xanthoudakis on re-discovering, publishing, and recording “Romantic Rarities”

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In today’s episode I speak with Elena Xanthoudakis, who is the director of Kroma Editions. We chat about her new CD called “The Captive Nightingale” which features late Romantic music for clarinet, voice, and piano. Elana shares her re-discovery of this music, details about recording the album, and why she’s so passionate about chamber music, even though she also juggles a successful opera career.

Elena XanthoudakisElena Xanthoudakis Biography

The Australian-born Elena Xanthoudakis is the director of Kroma Editions. Elena is also a professional singer who studied in Australia, Italy, and at London’s Guild Hall. She is also the winner of many international prizes, including the international Mozart competition in Salzburg. While maintaining a busy career singeing in opera houses around the world, Elena has managed to develop her special connection to the world of the clarinet. This was inspired by her brother, Jason, who is the clarinetist in their trio called TrioKroma. Her continuing interest in song repertoire with obbligato instruments led her to create Kroma editions, which is a specialist chamber music publishing house with the vision to make more great repertoire available to play for all!


Elana Xanthoudakis Personal Website

TrioKroma Website

Kroma Editions Website

The Captive Nightingale CD

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Elana Xanthoudakis Facebook Page

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Discussed Topics

  • New CD “The Captive Nightingale”
  • Falling in love with the piano, clarinet, voice trio and founding TrioKroma
  • Working with her brother, Jason Xanthoudakis
  • What was it like recording the CD?
  • The importance of this type of music
  • Re-discovering these “romantic rarities”
  • Publishing these “new” pieces and where to find them
  • Where to find The Captive Nightingale
  • Elana’s other CD called “Jewels of the Bell Canto

Giveaway: Signed The Captive Nightingale CD


elana Xan captive nightingaleThe giveaway for this episode is a signed copy of Elana and Jason’s new CD called “the captive nightingale.” To



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