#44 – Brittany Bauman of NUVO Instrumental

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Today on the show I speak with Brittany Bauman, who is the Office Manager for Nuvo Instrumental. We discuss the unique, fun, and even colorful instrument line that Nuvo offers young students. We also go over some of the benefits of these instruments for beginning music students, why teachers might be interested in using them in their classroom, and a clarinet celebrity who you might  be surprised got their start on one of these instruments!

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About NUVO

nuvo instrumental

We create instruments that are:

Suitable: Our instruments are ergonomically suitable for all ages. They are lightweight and easy to handle.

Tuneful: Our instruments are designed to make note production easy for beginners but the quality of the tone is not compromised.

Durable: Our instruments can withstand extreme use making them particularly suited to the classroom. It is safe to keep them assembled and out on a desk stand or wall hanger, which encourages more frequent practice.

Personal: Our instruments can be customised. We provide a choice of colors, styles and special editions.

Practical: Our instruments are easy to carry around, assemble and clean. The materials used are 100% washable in warm soapy water! They are easily maintained.

Accessible: Our instruments are affordable for school programs at all levels worldwide. (Source: http://www.nuvoinstrumental.com/about-nuvo/)

About Brittany Bauman

Brittany is the new music education specialist and office manager for NUVO instrumental. She has a background in music education and was previously a music teacher for six years. She is excited to bring that experience to NUVO to help share the possibilities of these instruments.

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