#45 – Wes Rice of Rice Clarinet Works

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In today’s episode I speak with Wes Rice who is the founder of Rice Clarinet Works. We discuss maintenance tips that every clarinetist can use, Wes’s line of Barrels and bells, his custom selection process, and his amazing “Industrial” barrel that is a collaboration with metal artist Chris Bathgate.


Rice Clarinet Works

Rice Clarinet Works Facebook Page

Chris Bathgate – Artist

Products Mentioned

Rice Clarinet Works Barrels

Rice Clarinet Works Delrin Barrels

Rice Clarinet Works and Chris Bathgate “Industrial” Barrels

Wesley Rice Barrels

Learn more about Metal Artist Chris Bathgate

Win a Rice Clarinet Works Barrel

The giveaway for this episode will have two lucky winners. One listener will receive a Rice Clarinet Works Delrin Barrel, and anther will win a Standard Wooden Barrel. These barrels are valued at $150 USD each. Thank you so much Wes for such an amazing giveaway!

For a chance to win this and ALL other items mentioned on the podcast, please subscribe to our email mailing list by clicking the following link:

About Wes Rice and Rice Clarinet Works

Wesley Rice is the owner and founder of Rice Clarinet Works – a company which specializes in clarinet repair and restoration, as well as the manufacture of various clarinet-related products. A clarinet player himself, Wesley has used his performance background to bring more than 1000 clarinets to artist-level playability over his career.

After working with a renowned machinist for a short period, Wesley was able to take the knowledge he had gained and pursue manufacturing and design. Through the acquisition of many pieces of equipment – both computer controlled and manually operated, he has been able to manufacture almost every part of the clarinet.

Over the past several years, Wesley has been producing custom lines of products such as CNC-manufactured mouthpieces, barrels, bells, ligatures, tuning rings, and even a reed machine for some of the biggest names in the clarinet-product industry.


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  • Susan

    How do we go back and listen to this podcast (#45 Wes Rice)? I followed the link to the Podcast #45 page but don’t see a link or button to actually listen to the Wes Rice interview replay. (I only see a link to the Chris Bathgate session.) Thanks.

    • Sean Perrin

      Hi Susan,

      Sorry I’m in the middle of redesigning the site right now and the last step is to manually re-insert all the single episode players.

      It will be some time until I finish this with the number of episodes. For now please go to the “episode player” from the menu above or use a program like iTunes to access content.

      Sorry for any inconvenience!


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