What Clarinet Gear would you buy if you were Given $1000 to spend?

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Let’s pretend that someone walks up to you and offers you $1000 to spend on clarinet gear. The catch is that you have to spend it all within the next hour, and you can’t go over budget. (Actually, this sounds more like a dream than a “catch” to me!)

Using Amazon (which has most things) and the Clarineat Store as your guide, go on a virtual shopping spree and share your dream purchases below in the comments!

Are you the practical type who would buy 30 boxes of reeds so that you never run out? Or would you blow it all collecting 5 different colors of Silverstein Ligatures and never look back? The choice is yours!

Have fun! And I guess what I’m really asking is what Clarineat listeners are eyeing up as the top accessories this summer!

PS: This is part one in a series of posts where I’ll be trying to put bizarre Adobe Stock photos to use in real-world contexts. Stay tuned for more!

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11 replies on “What Clarinet Gear would you buy if you were Given $1000 to spend?

  • Edward

    I would honestly buy a microphone for recording. One that clamps to the instrument, whether it’s an Eb sop or Bb bass. One that can be both wired and wireless.

    It’s just something you don’t hear much about, yet we listen to it (or rather, what comes through it) all the time. It’s the youtube era, after all!

  • Richie

    It would be kind of hard to decide in an hour, but i would probably choose:

    -A Backun MoBa 66 mm cocobolo barrel
    -Vandoren BD5 Black Diamond mouthpiece
    -Silverstein Gold Cryo4 Ligature
    -Vandoren RT50 Reed Trimmer
    -Buffet icon 66 mm barrel
    -5 tubes of cork grease

    It comes out to about $1000 dollars (tax not included)

  • Tom Puwalski

    Tom Puwalski 1. $149 Zoom 4. you should record yourself and your lessons
    2. $79 ATG Reed system. The DVD that comes will teach you every thing you need to know about reeds, while most teachers wont
    3. $49.Reed Geek. It makes a few adjustments that the ATG won’t
    4. $39. Reed File, I’ve used the geek to do this, reed file does it even better.
    5. $400 A custom mouthpiece by Jim Kanter or Ramón Wodkowski both of these men do magic on mouthpieces. This is number 5 on the list because in my years as part of the Clarinet industrial complex. I’ve watched people spend $$$$ on accessories when it was obviously to me and others that they know nothing about reeds. Learn how to blow it and find a reed for the mouthpiece you HAVE before you start the search.
    6. $125 A D’Addario reserve mouthpiece. I play them frequently
    7. $125 the Wind-o embouchure trainer (quite frankly the most influential thing I’ve bought for my playing in the last 2 years.
    8. $400-800 A complete overhaul of your instrument by someone like Mark Jacobi or Mike Hammer. If the last time your clarinet was looked at by a mechanic was in France, just get it done. You’ll be amazed.

    I’ve limited my list to the things that have made me a better player, I’m not going to get into my “bogus” list right now. Everything I’ve listed will help you achieve “Game” but remember this, YOU CAN”T BUY GAME.

  • Kevin

    Bam Trekking Clarinet case (for 1 clarinet) – $245

    Vandoren Traditional reeds – $24.99(x2)

    Silverstein works Classic Silver ligature -$140

    Silverstein Cryo4 Gold Ligature -$200

    Konig and Meyer Clarinet stand – $35.95

    Pomarico Black Crystal Bb Mouthpiece – $126

    Vientos Bambu Wooden Reed case -$65

    Landwell Reed knife – $105

    Legere Classic Series -$28.99

    Stanley 66-052 6piece Precision Screwdriver Set – $3.90

  • Anthony Ortiz

    I will probably buy:
    – A new double case from BAM ($335)
    – Another Playnick mouthpiece Solist ($215)
    – Two Silverstein ligatures (Prelude and Cryo4 $300)
    – A Titanium Playnick Ligature ($80)
    – 2 European Signature Legere reeds ($70)


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