Episode 23 – Hugh Sung on his podcast A Musical Life, being a paperless musician, and working with pianists

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Hugh Sung of A Musical Life Podcast

Today on the podcast I speak with pianist, techie, author, teacher and entrepreneur Hugh Sung, who has been described as a modern day “renaissance man” and is the host of the A Musical Life Podcast. We discuss Hugh’s successful podcast and mastermind, his recent interview with none other than the famous cellist Yo-yo ma, being a digital paperless musician, the AirTurn, online teaching, and working with accompanists.


As a pianist, Hugh served on the faculty of The Curtis Institute of Music for 19 years and has recorded over a dozen albums and collaborated with some of the world’s leading musicians and orchestras.

As a techie, he pioneered the use of digital sheet music and co-founded AirTurn, a company that makes wireless pedals for turning iPad and computer pages hands free.

Hugh leverages his love of technology to teach hundreds of students around the world through his Online Popular Piano School at ArtistWorks, and is also the host of a popular weekly podcast, “A Musical Life”, a show where he shares stories about making music and the things that move our souls.

Through his online Mastermind group at “A Musical Life Mastermind”, Hugh empowers musicians to gain entrepreneurial skills to help them achieve their musical and financial dreams.


Listen Now: iTunes | SoundCloud | YouTube


Hugh Sung, Pianist

A Musical Life Podcast

A Musical Life Mastermind

Artist Works Teacher Website

Air Turn: The Page Turning Pedal for iPad

“From Paper to Pixels” – Hugh Sung’s Book

Discussion Topics

  • A Musical Life Podcast
  • Choosing podcast guests
  • Interviewing Yo-Yo Ma
  • Blogging as a precursor to podcasting
  • Who is your dream podcast guest?
  • Being a paperless musician
  • Inventing the Air Turn page turning pedal
  • The “A Musical Life” Mastermind
  • Working with collaborative pianists
  • Learn to “see” with your ears
  • What are your favorite pieces in the Clarinet repertoire?
  • Pet peeves of being a collaborative pianist
  • How do you feel about the “A” word (accompanist)?
  • Teaching at an online piano School


Yo-Yo Ma

Silk Road Ensemble

Air Turn: The Page Turning Pedal for iPad

Artist Works: Hugh Sung, Piano

Giveaway: Lifetime Membership to A Musical Life Mastermind

One lucky listener will win a lifetime member ship to the A Musical Life Mastermind. A mastermind is a place for fellow musicians to advance their careers, get more gigs, better students, and more.


Question for Martin Fröst

Sue Ryall, whom you may remember from Episode 16 of the podcast writes in with a question for Martin Fröst (featured guest on Episode 9 of the podcast). She wants to ask Martin why it is that he uses the French system of clarinet, even though the German system is generally thought of as having a darker sound.

Free “Baroque” Clarinet Pieces by Thomas Bassett

Thomas Bassett is a composer who has decided that even though the clarinet did not appear until the late baroque period, the lack of original music for our instrument is unacceptable! So he set out to write music in the early Baroque style to try and fill this void.

The pieces are available from Thomas directly in PDF form, and if you’re interested in more information or to contact him directly, please click here to download his information sheet which explains the project in more detail.

So, in Thomas’s own words, “grab yourself a skilled continuo player and get to work! And please use any combination of instruments… the possibilities are endless.” Indeed they are, and it’s never too late to write new music in an old style! I’m sure Bach would be thrilled. Check out the following video of one of his pieces.

That’s it for this week’s episode of the Clarineat podcast. Until next time, thanks for reading and happy playing!

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