Live Q+A Session (Part 2) with Clarineat and Clarinet Mentors

Join Sean Perrin of the Clarineat Podcast and Michelle Anderson of Clarinet Mentors as they answer more listener questions that were originally asked in the live Q+A Masterclass. If you’d like the chance to be invited to future events like this, be sure to subscribe to the Clarineat and Clarinet Mentors mailing lists. This video was recorded live on February 11, 2017 with an audience of over 60 people.

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Timestamped Notes:

Many great clarinet questions (see list below) answered for you! Michelle Anderson, founder of Clarinet Mentors (, and Sean Perrin, host of the Clarineat Podcast (, answer questions from our live broadcast in February 2017.

Here is the timeline in case you want to jump to the questions that most interest you:

  • 2:52     Are there any ways to improve speed of reading music and transferring the notes to the clarinet?I have difficulty keeping up with accompaniments in the lessons.For example should I concentrate on scales and arpeggios?
  • This includes a great discussion of how people can practise better.
  • 11:17    How do you prevent your teeth cuttung into your bottom lip, especially for long practice sessions?
  • Relevant links: – Embouchure Tester – Clarinet: Sore Bottom Lip? Here’s how to fix it…
  • 14:23    I started clarinet about six weeks ago.I am hearing a fuzzy/vibrating sound in the lower register.Probably embouchure?Any suggestions?
  • This includes a discussion about how to know if your clarinet is in good working condition, and the proper shape for fingers on the clarinet.
  • Relevant links: – Best Right Hand Position on Clarinet
  • 17:49   “Michelle – I  love the beautiful mellow sound of your clarinet.What type of clarinet is it? “
  • This includes discussion on how to choose a good barrel for your clarinet.
  • 19:50    I have a clarinet pitched to 442 what length of barrel do I need to bring it down to 440?
  • This includes an interesting discussion on barrel length, tuning, mouthpieces, and may include Michelle messing up on the physics of sound.
  • 22:38    When I tongue, my tongue moves so much that I can see movement in my neck.  I have difficulty keeping a high tongue position and minimizing movement of my tongue without compromising sound quality.
  • Relevant links: Better Clarinet Articulation –
  • 28:19     I cannot use a metronome. It is just too distracting, but I do like to play with the play-along cds, and other cds.
  • Great discussion about how to improve our sense of rhythm, and some tools to help (including tactile metronomes and click tracks).
  • Relevant link: – Improving Rhythm in Music
  • 37:09    How much clicking of keys is normal?  Perhaps my clarinet needs an overhaul but I’d rather not pay for that unless it will help.
  • This leads to a discussion on how to maintain clarinet keys, and even references 75W 90 Gear oil.
  • 44:10    How do you go about making your music more…musical? Versus metronomic, flat, etc.
  • Fabulous question! Leads to a great discussion on phrasing, and how to play expressively.
  • 49:26    Have you noticed any issue with synthetic reeds tuning? When I have tried them in the past (Legere Signature, European, etc.) I have experienced a notable flatness especially around the throat tones. My teacher has noted this as well. Just wondering if this something others have experienced?
  • 51:38    When tuning on middle B (in summer I have pulled out a little) then I found that the lower register is flat.  Is it correct to tighten the embourchere to raise the pitch in the lower register.
  • This leads to a discussion on clarinet tuning technics.
  • 57:15    Special opportunity for further clarinet training to support Clarineat.
  • Relevant link: For free sample clarinet lessons, go to:

Clarineat Podcast Production Team:

Theme music for the Clarineat Podcast is performed by Tom Puwalski (Episodes 1-49), and Michael Lowenstern (episodes 50 to present).

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