Live Q+A Session with Clarineat and Clarinet Mentors

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Join Sean Perrin of the Clarineat Podcast and Michelle Anderson of Clarinet Mentors as they answer listener questions in a live Q+A Masterclass. If you’d like the chance to be invited to future events like this, be sure to subscribe to the Clarineat and Clarinet Mentors mailing lists. This video was recorded live on February 11, 2017 with an audience of over 60 people.

Mentioned in the Video

Clarinet Mentors with Michelle Anderson

Do you want to play clarinet with better tone, faster fingers or better articulation? Do you want your high notes to sound better and feel more comfortable?

For a limited time, try FREE sample clarinet lessons from Michelle Anderson at Clarinet Mentors.

PLUS: If you enrol in a Clarinet Mastery course before Feb. 21st, 50% of your tuition will support the Clarineat Podcast.

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Clarineat Podcast

Join host and clarinetist Sean Perrin as he discusses “all that’s neat and new with clarinet, with the neatest people in the industry.”

Past guests on the podcast include clarinetists such as Martin FröstMichael LowensternHarry SparnaayLori FreedmanMichael Norsworthy, and manufacturers such as Legere ReedsEtymotic Research, and Nuvo Instrumental.

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Sean Perrin’s new Album

Dreamsongs explores the music of Chick Corea and Philip Glass arranged for clarinet, vibraphone, and marimba. Elements of improvisation intertwine with the arrangements to create a listening experience that is “Beautiful in playing, sound, and concept” (Evan Ziporyn, MIT).

Dreamsongs is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, direct digital download, and in CD format.

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Podcast Episodes

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The Clarineat podcast is hosted by Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution. Check out their newest product, the $49 Match Pitch Barrel.

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