Patrons Only: The Clarineat Microphone Showdown

All Members: Click to listen now.

In this bonus patron only episode you get a behind the scenes look at the podcast. Experience the sound and learn interesting facts about 5 different microphones, and then help me decide on the sound of the podcast going forward.

Which One’s Your Favourite?

My personal favorite is the ribbon mic for its cool radio vibe. But which one do you prefer? Comment below!

Here are the choices (in order shown in the episode):

PS: Thank you DIRECTLY to patreon supporters for allowing me to upgrade the mic for the podcast. This was completely made possible by YOUR support of the show so THANK YOU.

All Members: Click to listen now.

Theme music for the Clarineat Podcast is performed by Tom Puwalski (Episodes 1-49), and Michael Lowenstern (episodes 50 to present).

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