Re-Finish Your Clarinet’s Gold Logos in Less than 5 Minutes

Has the gold logo on your clarinet barrels and bells lost their shine? Learn how to re-finish them yourself in only a few minutes with this handy tip.

What you’ll need :

  1. Gold Artist’s Paint Stick – $10.60 (will last hundreds of uses)
  2. Sewing Needle (any will do, but make sure it’s small and sharp)
  3. Paper towel (Must be top quality Bounty. Just kidding!)

Step 1: Check your Clarinet

Determine if this technique will work for your instrument. Stamped logos, such as the one shown on this Vandoren mouthpiece, or very complex gold foil will not work. If you any doubts at all about whether this can be done with your material please contact the manufacturer before attempting this, and proceed at your own risk.

how to refinish clarinet gold logo

Step 2: Scrape the old Gold with a pin

Use the needle to remove old faded gold from the grooves of the gold logo. Be careful and take your time!

how to refinish clarinet gold logo

Step 3: Apply Paint Pen

Lightly apply the paint in small circles to the barrel to get it into the grooves. It will look messy. Don’t worry, we’ll clean this up in the next step.

Remember, paint dries. So the end of the paint stick will be dry when you buy it. You’ll need to cut off the end to expose fresh paint.

how to refinish clarinet gold logo

Step 4: Wipe off Excess

Use the paper towel to wipe off excess paint. Don’t press too hard or you’ll remove it from the grooves as well. Any stubborn excess should wear off from the oils on your hands after a few days.

how to refinish clarinet gold logo

Step 5: Enjoy your new Gold Logo!

Enjoy your shiny new barrel as if it were new again!

how to refinish clarinet gold logo

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