Review: Landwell Beveled Reed Knife

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Adjusting reeds is an art that double reed players are forced to master in order to become great players, but often clarinetists can get by without this skill since our reeds are pre-manufactured. However, it’s never too late to learn a new skill, or refine an old one, and whether you’re looking to get into reed adjustments for the first time, or are a seasoned reed master, there is no better tool than the Landwell Beveled Knife.

LandWell Beveled Reed Knife

Landwell knives were co-invented invented by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s principal Oboist, Gene Landa, and Daryl Caswell, who is a skilled horn player but put his music career on hold to pursue a degree in engineering. While taking a metallurgy class, Daryl happened upon a brilliant way of producing and treating the metal that has remained a trade secret, but guarantees the sharpest possible knife there could possibly be.

The knives are of fantastic build quality, are well-balanced, and have a great weight to them. They don’t include a sharpening stone, but it is recommended that you use an oil stone, which can be purchased at any worthy knife store. Daryl is so passionate about knives and their care that he wrote a book on the subject called “Reed Knife Sharpening” and it is highly recommended reading for anyone looking to get the best performance and longevity from their knife. Daryl also worked with to also provide a short video lesson that demonstrates how to get a lifetime of performance from your Landwell Knife in under 8 minutes.

So now you know what knife to get, where to get it (Order right here at!), and how to take care of it with Daryl’s handy video and book. But what about reed adjusting in itself?  Daryl advises that clarinet players reach out to oboists for a lesson on proper knife use and reed adjustment, since they are by far the most refined and skilled knife users in the woodwind community.

The Verdict: The Landwell Bevelled Knife is a gorgeous, well-designed product invented by a truly brilliant mind. It is highly recommended to all intermediate and advanced clarinet players.


  • proprietary “trade secret” allows for sharpest possible knife
  • fantastic build quality and finish
  • includes leather sheath
  • can last a life time with proper care


  • no more excuses about bad reeds!

Purchase direct from

Landwell Bevelled Reed Knife – $105
“Reed Knife Sharpening” by Daryl Caswell – $7

Podcast Episode:

S01E04: Darryl Caswell of Landwell Reed Knives, University of Calgary, and Red Deer Symphony


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