Sean Perrin Interviewed on the Music Publishing Podcast

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Clarineat host Sean Perrin was recently interviewed by Dennis Tobenski of the Music Publishing Podcast alongside Garrett Hope of the Portfolio Composer podcast live on location in Chicago, Illinois at the 2016 Midwest clinic. I would suggest listening to the whole episode, but if you’re in a hurry our conversation starts at 39:30.

Note: This this is the first of much content that is sure to come from the trip that was crowd funded by the clarineat audience on Kickstarter. Thank you again to all backers for making this possible!

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Show Notes

I’m joined this week by a number of friends and colleagues to break down, which we all just attended – most of us for the first time.

Trudy Chan returns to the show, then Frank J. Oteri (Trudy’s husband, and the founder/co-editor of NewMusicBox) joins the conversation, then Sean Perrin of the Clarineat podcast and Garrett Hope (the Justin Timberlake to MPP’s SNL) have a nice chat about our first experiences at the conference.

In short: it’s HUGE, it’s overwhelming for a first-timer, and it’s an amazing opportunity for composers and for musicians of all stripes to network and to explore a wealth of music, most of it new. (Credit:

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The Clarineat podcast is hosted by Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution. Check out their newest product, the $49 Match Pitch Barrel.

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