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Sean Perrin a musical life

I’m excited to announce a brand new interview with Hugh Sung of the “A Musical Life” podcast. Hugh is a fantastic and engaging host who seems to know exactly how–and when!–to ask all the right questions.

A Musical Life has been downloaded over a quarter of a million times in its first 6 months alone, and has featured such esteemed guests as Yo Yo Ma and Anthony McGill.

So I guess I’m in good company, you could say, and I feel incredibly honored to and privileged to have been included as a guest!

Join me in conversation with Hugh as we discuss my new album Dreamsongs, the Clarineat podcast, working as a freelance musician, and more.

Sean Perrin, Host of the “Clarineat” Podcast

Sean Perrin is a clarinetist, entrepreneur, and the host of “Clarineat”, a popular podcast show dedicated to all things related to the clarinet. Sean’s debut CD, “Dreamsongs”, hit the top of the Canadian Jazz charts when it was released, and features a unique mix of arrangements of Chick Corea and Phillip Glass songs performed on clarinet, marimba and vibraphone.

If you’re a musician thinking about recording a CD, you’ll find this interview with Sean really informative. He managed to get his project funded through a series of grants, scholarships, and a Kickstarter campaign that raised 127% of its goal. His podcast, “Clarineat”, features interviews with some of the leading clarinet players, teachers, manufacturers, and thought leaders affecting the clarinet world.


A Musical Life Podcast on iTunes

Dreamsongs on iTunes

Clarineat Podcast on iTunes

Discussion Topics

  • Sean’s musical upbringing
  • Getting started with freelancing
  • Dreaming of recording a CD
  • Sean’s new album “Dreamsongs”
  • Funding Dreamsongs
    • Grant writing tips and thoughts
    • Improvisational jazz scholarship
    • Crowd-funding on Kickstarter
  • The Clarineat Podcast
  • How did you pick such a “neat” name for the podcast?
  • The origins of the Clarineat podcast
  • Reaching out to guests
  • Got side-tracked: plastic reeds vs. cane reeds
  • Personal benefits of podcasting
  • Challenges of podcasting
  • The Clarineat store
  • Setting goals and adding value

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