BeltHeld Sax Straps- Adjustable Harness for Sax and Bass Clarinet


BeltHeld Sax Straps are bass clarinet/ sax straps that are held by your belt, taking the weight off of your neck. With a unique patented adjustment mechanism they are  sturdy and easy to adjust. Great for marching or everyday playing, BeltHeld is compact so it will fit in your case!


Custom Size

Have a custom BeltHeld made for you- Please specify the measurements that you need your strap to have. See sizing chart for required measurements.


BeltHeld Sax Straps: Comfortable – Secure – Flexible – Compact

BeltHeld Sax Straps are the perfect strap for marching band, anyone who has neck pain, or anyone playing long hours. BeltHeld takes the weight of your instrument whether it is a sax or a bass clarinet off your neck. BeltHeld is held by your belt or pants instead. With the Clip On model you can simply clip the strap onto your pants or with the Classic Loop you loop the strap around your belt.

Give your neck a break.

BeltHeld gives you all of the support of a harness without any of the bulk. You can roll it up and throw it in your case. (See the pictures!)

The patented ring-based adjustment mechanism is designed to allow for quick, one handed adjustment to make
switching between instruments fast and effortless.In order to adjust the length of your new sax strap you simply tilt the ring slightly so that the string is in the straight position.You can then easily move the lower ring up and down to adjust the length
of the strap. Once you release the ring, the position is secured and no slipping can occur.

With the adjustable models you can adjust the length of the Beltheld by adjusting the length of the strap overall making it extremely flexible. Please see the sizing chart to determine which size BeltHeld would be the best fit for you.

BeltHeld Sizing Chart

Don’t see the size you would need? Have a custom BeltHeld made for you!

BeltHeld Sax Straps are made by Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution and designed together with Michael Lowenstern from Earspasm.

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Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm

Adjustable Classic Loop, Adjustable Clip-on (Medium), Adjustable Clip-On (Large), Classic Loop (Small), Classic Loop (Medium), Classic Loop (Large), Classic Loop (Extra Large)


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