Ernst Schreiber Mouthpieces (ESM) Professional Clarinet Mouthpiece


Ernst Schreiber Mouthpieces (ESM) Professional Clarinet Mouthpieces



Ernst Schreiber began specializing in clarinet mouthpieces in 1981. He moved production to Michelstadt, Germany in 1988. To this day, the firm is located in Michelstadt, Germany, where ESM mouthpieces are created with great care and attention to detail. From there, they are distributed all over the world Below you will find a brief summary of each mouthpiece model.

All models in this listing are classic black material WITHOUT Metal Ring.

The classic black material offers a more mellow tone than ESM’s heaven material.

  • MCK1:
    Together with the American Musician Roger W. McKinney, ESM developed the MCK1 with an opening of 1.03 mm and a length of 18 mm. It is especially for the American market and suitable for those who prefer the American sound.
  • JP5:
    Together with the clarinet player Johannes Sulik – a student of the legendary professor Klein (Cologne), ESM designed a new series of mouthpieces for boehm clarinets.The mouthpieces from the “JP” Series are based on famous traditional tables enhanced with the latest findings from acoustics research.
    JP5 features a small opening a long face and a quick response and is thus suited for both students and professionals.
    1.09mm tip opening and 16.5 mm facing length
  • E4D:
    With Fridolin Greis from the Staatstheater Mainz ESM developed the “E4D” a brilliant mouthpiece with a small opening. It can be used for chamber music as well as soloist and for symphonic music. The E4D has an opening of 1.10 mm and a length of 18.5 mm and is an ideal professional mouthpiece. ESM recommends the following reeds: 2, 2 ½, 3.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 23 x 16 x 5 cm

MCK1-B, JP5-B, E4D-B


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