Ernst Schreiber Mouthpieces (ESM) Heaven Professional Clarinet Mouthpieces


Ernst Schreiber Mouthpieces’ Heaven Mouthpiece is a professional mouthpiece made from a specialized acrylic compound with metal particles embedded in the material and featuring a metal ring on the tenon.



ESM’s research with different materials lead them to a colorful acrylic compound with glittering metallic components embedded in the lucent material. The resulting mouthpieces soon became popular among musicians of all ages and styles, due to not only their interesting visual qualities, but also their excellent sound characteristics.

This development found its culmination in Heaven, ESM’s transparent light blue material with metallic components, which references not only the materials trademark color, but also its “heavenly” sound.

Compared to the traditional black designs, Heaven mouthpieces are easier to play, have plenty of volume and a very fluid tone with an impressively quick response.

Heaven Clarinet Mouthpieces are available in the following models:

MCK1, 1.03 Tip Opening, 18.0 Facing Length
JP5, 1.09 Tip Opening, 16.5 Facing Length
JP6, 1.09 Tip Opening, 16.0 Facing Length
JP7, 1.18 Tip Opening, 16.5 Facing Length
LD1, 1.15 Tip Opening, 16.0 Facing Length

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Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 23 x 16 x 5 cm

MCK1-H-R, LD1-H-R, JP7-H-R, JP5-H-R


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