Wesley Rice Industrial Barrel


66mm length for B-flat clarinet.



These Industrial-Themed barrels are a collaboration project with machine-artist and Baltimore native, Chris Bathgate. He designed the exterior styling, and the interior is identical to our wood and Delrin Rice Clarinet Barrels. This means you get the same great sound and tuning with a look that will stand out from the crowd!

Some of the barrel cores are wood, and some are Delrin, so please request which one you would prefer during checkout.


The Wesley Rice Clarinet Barrel has a smoother tuning curve than a stock barrel. Overall, the notes that were flat with a stock barrel are closer to being in tune, and the sharp upper register notes are brought down. This results in easier tuning with ensembles, and more attention can be given to other areas of your playing.

Additional information

Core Material

Delrin, Wood

Stripe Pattern

Diagonal, Vertical

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