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How to make a Donation to Clarineat

To make a donation simply follow these steps:

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  2. Click “add to cart”
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Donation FAQ

Q: How will funds be used?

A: Donations help fund all elements of the show from content creation, to hosting and website costs, to trips to clarinet conferences around the world. Clarineat costs hundreds of dollars each month to operate and takes over 20 hours per episode to complete. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Even just $1 makes a huge difference if enough listeners chip in!

Q: Can I get a tax receipt?

A: Clarineat is not a non-profit organization or a charity, so a tax receipt cannot be issued.

Q: Are payments secure?

A: Payments are securely handled using either PayPal or Stripe. Unfortunately direct transfers, cash, and cheques can not be accepted at this time.

Q: Which currency are donations in?

A: Please keep in mind that all funds are in USD.

Q: Are monthly donations possible?

A: You may contribute monthly and access special patron-only content and rewards using a service called Patreon.

Q: Does the return policy apply to donations?

No. This is very important. Donations cannot be refunded under any circumstance. Please triple check the amount before submitting.

Thank you very much for your support!



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