5 Hilarious Clarinet Stock Photos

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5. Just say no to drugs.

This bizarre image seems to take inspiration from a 1960’s hallucination. At least they put a reed on the instrument!  The actual tagline for this image was “Jazz musician plays clarinet as he melts away.”

4. Got Reed?


It’s not often you see such a great shot of such an emotional performance. But unless this guy’s playing a new arrangement of John Cage’s 4’33” for solo clarinet, I don’t imagine there was music much going on here without a reed!

3. I can hear the ocean!

They say that when you lift a seashell to your ears you can hear the sea. But what do you hear when you try this with your clarinet? I’ll try it out and report back.

Edit: Well, I tried it out. Can confirm that this was uneventful.

2. Watch out!

To be fair, perhaps someone shot the clarinet at this poor woman like a torpedo? Or it’s possessed and is trying to hit her in the face? Perhaps she REALLY doesn’t want to practice? I guess we’ll never know.

1. Embouchure fail.

This one takes the cake. Quite the embouchure here. No words. Not to mention, no reed, no ligature. What are these people thinking?! I can’t understand where any of today’s photo’s might actually be useful (outside of a satirical post like this!).

Believe it or not there’s plenty more on Adobe Stock and I look forward to sharing a installments of this!

Do you have a funny stock photo you’d like to share, or maybe you’d like to recreate one of these images yourself? Share a link below!

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