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Hosted by Sean Perrin

“One of the top 10 classical music podcasts.”

Artax Music

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Meet the Clarineat Production Team

Sean Perrin

Host, Producer, and Founder

Bio: Sean Perrin is a Calgarian clarinetist, blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur who is the host and founder of the internationally recognized Clarineat Podcast. He has performed and recorded with numerous local ensembles, including the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, is on faculty as a clarinet instructor at the Mount Royal University Conservatory, and is the Online Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Backun Musical Services. He earned his Bachelor of Music Performance Degree in 2009 from the University of Calgary.

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His tone is both clean and easy; unrestrained and playful, with the right amount of vibrato used sparingly and tastefully.

The Clarinet Magazine, Gary Fair

Sean Perrin is one of the up and coming stars of the clarinet media world. His work is earnest, and always very, very good.

Michael Lowenstern, Earspasm

Sean is a great interviewer and he has some really fantastic guests from all accross the spectrum. The quality of this podcast is superb.

iTunes Review, SWD

Brian Schappals

Audio Editor

Personal Website

Bio: Brian Schappals is a clarinetist and composer based in Seattle, WA. He holds B.A. degrees in Clarinet Performance and Music Composition from Whitworth University. Brian is currently a Master’s in Music student at University of Washington in Seattle studying with Benjamin Lulich. Brian has been a fan of the Clarineat podcast since its release, and he’s excited to be working as the audio editor!

Meghan Taylor

Copy Editor

Personal Website

Bio: Meghan Taylor is a clarinetist, researcher, educator, and event coordinator based in Denton, TX. Currently, she attends the University of North Texas and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Music with a concentration in Performing Arts Health. Meghan also holds a graduate assistantship with College of Music at UNT. In her work as a Clarinet Consultant with Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, she facilitates sales and direct marketing. Meghan serves as the Copy Editor for Clarineat and loves writing about the show each week!

Andrew Morrow

Debate Co-Host

Short bio here.


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